Stage 1: Judging criteria

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Win your design brought to life!

For Stage 1 you need to send your submission by 5th April 2019. 

A panel of City of Edinburgh Council officers and designers will review all the entries.

Using the judging criteria below, the panel will invite five finalists to continue to Stage 2 of the competition. Submissions will get a higher score for meeting more of the judging criteria.


  • Has there been a variety of types of research used?
  • Were the questions you asked relevant and did they provide useful responses?
  • What was learned?

Impact on the users

  • Inclusivity – How will your solution help learners of different abilities and learning styles learn in the space?
  • How will your solution improve teaching and learning?
  • Wellbeing – How will your solution improve how happy and healthy staff and learners feel in the space?
  • Will the solution provide a significant improvement for the people identified in the story?

Collaborative working

  • Does the submission show that all staff and learners in the school or nursery have had an input into the process and can see how their work has contributed to the final submission?
  • Has the school or nursery involved anyone else during their research for example, parents / carers, the community or third-party organisations?


  • Is your solution sustainable for years to come?


  • How well was the story communicated?
  • Is the story creative and entertaining as well as informative?
  • Was the design concept well-presented and understandable?