Stage 2 Brief

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Win your design brought to life!

For Stage 2 you need to send your submission by 8th November 2019

Future Schools for everyone! This competition is to promote learners as designers of their own environments and we want to see a collaborative and inclusive approach in the submissions.

Take a look at our research page to find out more about classroom design and some of the studies behind it.

Our Finalists

Congratulations to Broughton High, Corstorphine Primary, St Cuthbert’s RC Primary, St John Vianney Primary and Murrayburn Primary who have moved on to Stage 2. 

Stage 2 timeline

26 August 2019 Stage 2 Workshop: We’d like 5 members of your design team (+ 1 teacher) to represent your school at a Stage 2 launch event.  The event will be on 26th August 2019 from 10:00 – 13:00. Details will be sent to you after the summer break about where it will be held.

30 September – 11 October: Project check-in.  We’ll arrange for members of our team to meet with you to find out how your design is getting on.

8 November: Deadline Day! Submit your final entry.

27 November 2019: Winner to be announced at the national Education Buildings Scotland Conference in Edinburgh. Your group of representatives and a teacher will attend the conference at the EICC and show off your submission on our stall, you will have the chance to have a look around the conference stalls as well. Plan to be there from 9am until about 2pm.


You have already identified a need by users in Stage 1 and have come up with some ideas about how to meet that need.

Now we want you to develop your ideas, using the research you did in Stage 1 into a detailed design of the environment you want to create.

For this stage you need to consider the following things:


a hand placing a model chair into a model building


Are the things you are putting into the new environment relevant and purposeful?

Is it future-proof?  How effective will it be in 10 years’ time?



three people

How will the people you identified use it?

How will it improve teaching, learning, wellbeing and inclusivity?

Will it solve the problem that you identified in Stage 1?



a paintbrush and spanner

Does your design fit into the space you’d like it to go?

Can your design be recreated easily in another school?

Can your design be adapted to suit other spaces?

Do you think it would be affordable for other schools to recreate?


Your submission

We’re excited to say that your submission is going to be presented at the Education Buildings Scotland Conference at the EICC in Edinburgh on the 27 November 2019. We will have a stall to display all five entries and your representatives will be able to stand by your submission and show it off to the conference attendees.

Because we need to display the submissions on the stall we are asking you for very specific formats for your submission and you should consider the presentation of these:

ALL of the following items must be submitted by 8 November 2019 and must include:

  • Four landscape A3 design boards showing how your plan: improves teaching, improves learning, improves wellbeing and improves inclusivity.
  • One model with a footprint no larger than A4: this can be your full design or an element of it that you want to focus on.
  • One A3 size scrapbook which will collate all your ideas, work and research showing your design journey over both stages of the competition.
  • One 2-minute (maximum) video pitch selling your design, this will be shown at the conference.

Your submission will be in a mixture of digital and hard formats and will need to be hand delivered. Please contact to arrange delivery when you are ready or to get in touch with any questions.

Hints and tips

  • Please show us all the work, research, thinking and reasoning behind your ideas and design. It is the story of how you reached your final design. This should go into your scrapbook to show work and research from both stage 1 and 2.
  • Focus on the people and their experiences and how the things in your design help them.
  • Remember it’s all about how the environment can help the problem you raised in stage 1.
  • You may have already done some design work in stage 1 – now reassess and perhaps redesign what you have done to meet the stage 2 brief.  
  • Follow the brief and consider the judging criteria
  • Teachers, consider teaching and learning opportunities for the project.
  • Involve as many people as possible.
  • Get in touch to submit your entry ahead of deadline day.