Stage 2: Judging criteria

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Win your design brought to life!


A panel of judges will review the five submissions.

Using the judging criteria below, the panel will choose one overall winner to receive the Future Schools Project Award. Where we will work with them to create, install, or implement the winning design or solution in their school.

The panel will also select two runners-up who will receive prizes for learning environment improvements.

Submissions will get a higher score for meeting more of the judging criteria.


  • Are the design and elements within it relevant to solving the problem identified?


  • Does the design solve the problem identified?
  • Will it work?


  • Will it fit where the school want it?
  • Is there scope for other schools to recreate the design to solve the same problem?
  • Is there evidence of consideration of the constraints of the site, the ability for other schools to recreate the design and whether it’s affordable for them to do so?


  • How well has the research informed the design?

Impact on the users

  • Inclusivity – How does the design help learners of different abilities and learning styles learn in the space?
  • How does the design improve teaching and learning?
  • Wellbeing – How does the design improve how happy and healthy staff and learners feel in the space?
  • Does the design provide a significant improvement for the people identified in the story?

Learner voice

  • Is it evident that the design, planning and creation of the submission elements has been done by the learners?
  • Does the submission show that the learners want the design?


  • Have all elements requested been submitted?
  • How well have the submission elements been presented?
  • Does the submission communicate the needs, idea, design and solution well?