Builyeon Road Primary School

Aerial view of fields, a major road, woodland and a residential area by the water, a bridge in the background

As part of the Local Development Plan, a site for a new primary school in the Builyeon Road development has been set aside.  A statutory consultation proposing the establishment of a new Builyeon Road Primary School and setting its catchment area is required.  An informal consultation process undertaken in 2019 identified strong support for a new school in the area.  However, it also identified concerns that the route to the proposed new primary school from the existing housing at Ferrymuir and the ‘South Scotstoun’ housing site needed improvement and there was some support for keeping South Scotstoun within Queensferry Primary School’s catchment area.  

The images show the site of the new Builyeon Road development and the approved Masterplan. The Masterplan shows the site for the a new primary school. We will be consulting on the catchment area for this new school in early 2023.

A map showing a red line around development area, new house locations and a green space where school is proposed.