Future Schools Edinburgh


What is the Future Schools Edinburgh Project?

Future Schools Edinburgh is a collaborative project to share ideas across the city with the goal to put into practice new classroom designs and new aids to learning. Using the knowledge and skills of interior designers, architects, pedagogical experts, teachers, learners and parents/carers the project will look at existing teaching environments and pilot alternative ways of using classrooms.

Teachers, learners and parents as designers

Think – Design – Create

We want you to be inspired by the great changes that are going on in schools across the city. Take a look at the nursery and school pages to see the amazing new learning environments that have been created. We’ve done our research and want to share this with you, take a look at the research page to find out more.

If you’re inspired by what you see here and want to start re-designing your learning environment get in touch with the School Estate Planning Team.

We want to open up a discussion about our learning environments, we encourage you to visit the new learning spaces and share your knowledge and experiences with other schools in the city.

Learning environments are your spaces and we want them to offer flexibility to allow teachers and learners to work how they want to. We want to work with you to design your ideal learning space.


Edinburgh’s Learning Estate and the 20 Minute Neighbourhood

Trinity Academy Redevelopment June 2022 Newsletter

The latest news on the plans to redevelop Trinity Academy can be found in the recently published newsletter. With the Phase 1 rebuild of sports facilities at Bangholm completing soon, ready for August 2022, this is an exciting time for the Trinity community.

Future Schools Project Award Competition: Finalists at the Education Buildings Scotland Conference

At the Education Buildings Scotland Conference 2019 we exhibited the five finalists’ entries for the Future Schools Project Award competition, which aims to promote learners as designers of their own learning environments. This competition was open to all City of Edinburgh Council nurseries and schools. Learners were asked to design a space in their school …