Future Schools Project Award 2019

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Win your design brought to life!


The competition was open to all City of Edinburgh Council schools and nurseries. We asked learners to think about the places they learn and how they can make changes to that place to improve inclusivity, wellbeing, teaching and learning. With an aim of learners’ voices influencing our future school designs! 

The prize

  • The Future Schools Project Award will go to one overall winner.
  • We will create, install, or implement the winning design or solution in the winning school.
  • There will be two runner-up prizes for learning environment improvements.

Our aims

  • Develop learners’ awareness of their environment and their own learning preferences.
  • Raise awareness of the impact a learning environment and the way it is used can have on different learners.
  • Give learners’ a say on what a good learning environment looks and feels like so we can use this to inspire future classroom designs.
  • Promote collaborative learning.
  • Share ideas for learning environment design across all our establishments.

Overview of the competition

The competition has 2 stages. 

Stage 1 entries were submitted on 5th April 2019. We are now in Stage 2 of the competition. Find out who the five successful entries were on our blog post.

stage 1, tell us a story include empathy for people in your story, define the problem and what the people's needs are and then come up with ideas for how to help the people. Five finalists will go on to stage 2 where they will design a learning environment, one winner will get their design created in their school or nursery

Stage 1: Tell us a story

We asked our schools and nurseries to produce a story following a set brief and submit it to us by the deadline.

We received 14 entries and a panel of City of Edinburgh Council officers and designers reviewed them using the judging criteria. The competition was high and the panel enjoyed seeing the wonderful work the learners had done. They selected the five entries that best presented what we were looking for to continue to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Design your learning space

  • The five finalists from Stage 1 have now been invited to develop their story into a design for a learning space.
  • We will be hosting a workshop on 26th August where the learners will begin to develop their story into a design.
  • Further details can be found on our Stage 2 brief page.
  • The designs developed in Stage 2 will go on display and be presented by the learners at the national Education Buildings Scotland Conference on 27-28 November 2019 where the overall winner will be announced.