Group gathering area

What do we mean by a group gathering area?

A group gathering area is a space that you can bring larger groups together, where they can sit and listen to some instruction during an outdoor lesson, watch a performance or present to the rest of the group.

Depending on the style of gathering space, learners may use it to socialise but also to play and perform to each other.

  • wooden chairs are arranged in a circle outside on the grass
  • a sheltered wooden structure in the centre of a courtyard
  • a sheltered wooden structure made from tree trunks

What could be used as a group gathering area?

  • seating such as benches or chairs
  • a platform or stage
  • informal seating like a grassy mound
  • a sheltered structure like an outdoor classroom or an old bike shed
  • a den
  • a campfire circle

Your gathering space is defined by what you want to use it for.

  • It can be very simple for just giving instructions before sending  groups out on a task.
  • It can be more like an outdoor classroom with a chalk wall, display or tables where the learners can collaborate and present their task findings to the rest of the group.


Creating sheltered spaces in your school grounds can help to provide some cover in wind or rain when discussing the activity as a group.

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