Retreat space

For some children and young people, big open spaces with many children can be overwhelming. That is why we recommend creating retreat spaces in quiet areas around the school grounds. Nooks and hideaway spaces can be created to allow users to take a moment to be on their own, willow dens and little huts are a good solution

a child's small wooden hut, raised on stilts with a ladder going up to the doorway

A Wellbeing Garden

A small garden with sensory elements would provide a tranquil retreat space for quiet reflection and could include:

  • sensory planting,
  • tactile items,
  • sand
  • running water (if possible)
  • seating,
  • shelter,
  • somewhere to plant things
  • a retreat space such as a tipi, tent or willow den

The garden can also be fenced and screened with planting for privacy and to create a secure, safe space. This garden would benefit from being adjacent to a support for learning area in the building which could open straight out onto this space.