St. Catherine’s RC Primary School

A budget for the replacement of St Catherine’s RC Primary School’s building was identified in the Capital Programme in 2019 following findings that it would no longer be economically prudent to continue investing in the fabric of the existing building. 

An initial engagement meeting with St Catherine’s RC Primary School parents took place in January 2020 to let them know that an architect has been commissioned to produce a masterplan for the design that takes account of the feedback received during the “My Gracemount” consultation in 2019.

However, since that time Covid has delayed the project with key stakeholders and consultants being furloughed or reassigned to priority projects.  The budget agreed for the project is also now considered to be insufficient following the introduction of higher specifications for new buildings (e.g. Passivhaus) and the significant cost increases being experienced within the construction industry.  

Accordingly, a bid will be made as part of the Council’s Capital Programme process in February 2022 to increase the budget allocation for this project.