Trinity Academy

Trinity Academy Replacement – Phase 2 Update


Early engagement with Trinity staff, students and community, facilitated by Architecture and Design Scotland in October 2018, set out a high level vision for the project. The outputs of that engagement informed a strategic masterplan study completed by Holmes Miller Architects in March 2019 which proposed a number of options for development. 

Following further engagement with the school community, it was agreed to implement a two phase strategy for the project, whereby the first phase would involve the provision of new indoor PE accommodation at the nearby Bangolm site as part of an enhanced community facility which also retained and improved the existing hockey pitch, rugby pitch and operations base for the Council’s Outdoor Education team. Phase 2 would involve the provision of all other accommodation and facilities for 1200 learners on a redeveloped main school site, through a combination of new build and refurbishment. 

Phase 1 of the project is currently under construction and is due to be completed in early summer 2022.

Initial feasibility work for Phase 2 was completed in June 2020 and looked at a number of options involving the existing buildings on the site. It was concluded that the original Victorian building would definitely remain as part of the new scheme, and that it may also be beneficial to retain the existing Science and Home Economics building, subject to further investigations. As the study was undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic and while the school was experiencing a change in leadership, survey work to support the study was limited to desktop data and no additional engagement with the school staff or wider school community was undertaken.

Current Position

More recent engagement with the school community, led by the headteacher Nick Burge, has created a more specific School Brief for the project (October 2021) which sets out background to the current school curriculum review, summarises the school community’s project requirements which emerged from the recent consultation and reflects on existing user experience of the Victorian and Science block buildings. 

A full design team for the project was appointed in summer 2021 and is currently undertaking a RIBA Stage 1 feasibility study. This study will develop the outputs of the 2020 feasibility study but will draw on more detailed building and site survey work, construction logistics and decant strategies. It will refer to CEC’s guiding principles document, to the Trinity Academy school brief, and to work currently being undertaken to support the Council’s 20 minute neighbourhood principles. 

Trinity Academy Redevelopment June 2022 Newsletter