Boroughmuir High School

The new Boroughmuir High School opened in February 2018, we’re excited to show some of the interior design features that we love.

The architecturally impressive building has already been recognised for it stature and design. We love the interior furnishings and design of the main atrium space, it provides a wonderful social space and it is a real success with the students.

Boroughmuir has a great open social space at it’s heart, for meeting, dining and working independently

The atrium is an open, three storey space used for dining, breakout and a variety of functions at the centre of the building. It needed to be flexible to allow for a variety of events and activities to take place. There was also a need to create an inclusive approach to the dining space that would provide a safe space for learners on the autistic spectrum to enable them to cope with the noise and activity in the space.

In this social space flip top mobile dining tables allow for maximum flexibility, high backed sofas and seating pods were also incorporated to provide many options for collaboration, quiet space, safe space within this popular area.

A focal point in the Atrium is the popular village of mobile nook pods around a tree which has been received with very positive feedback. Learners love this space due to the variety of inspiring furniture.

The atrium is so popular with learners that the amount spent in the cafe in one day exceeded what had previously been spent in a week.

It’s a place people want to be – learners are regularly found using this space studying beyond school hours

  • The Nook Pods provide a quiet space to sit
  • The social space has different types of seating
  • The social space at Boroughmuir High School
  • A real tree with seating underneath
  • The Nook Pods in the social space at Boroughmuir High School
  • The social space has dining tables and cafe style seating
  • The social space at Boroughmuir High School
  • Comfortable seating booths at Boroughmuir High School

The space offers a variety of seating options to offer students and staff a welcoming and inclusive place to meet their needs throughout the day.

We also love that the free-flow spaces are not just corridors providing access to classrooms, they are usable spaces with benches, workstations and booths for learners to break out for collaborative or independent working and socialising.

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1 thought on “Boroughmuir High School”

  1. We are very proud that our autism certified Nook pods have proven a success with all students at Boroughmuir High School. The term ‘village of mobile nook pods is lovely. The increased utilisation metric was one we appreciated learning about. Thank you for your kind words.


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