Davidson’s Mains Primary School

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The new building at Davidson’s Mains Primary School was completed in August 2018.

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Within the new building are eight classrooms that are currently being used for primary one to three. There are four classrooms on each floor and six of the classrooms are shared spaces between two classes. On each floor there is a breakout space for all classrooms to use.


There is a limited colour palette and a nod to bringing nature into the classroom by introducing natural furnishings, plants and accessories such as pebbles.

The design team added little house shaped nooks and cloakrooms.

The cloakrooms have hangers on a rail rather than hooks and at the bottom of the house is a space to store bags.

There are a lot of plants in the classrooms to enhance the oxygen levels in the learning environments. One of the plants you’ll see in the photos is called Sansevieria trifasciata (Snake Plant).  The Sanseviera plant family converts a lot of carbon dioxide to oxygen overnight and filters out air pollutants.

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