Davidson’s Mains Primary School Nursery

The new nursery class at Davidson’s Mains Primary School opened in 2017.

Consultation with the nursery learners

Here are some photographs of the children’s work for the consultation on their new nursery.

  • some ideas about our new building: its going to be a dark nursery. it should have a chute. would like it to be red because i like red. it needs windows and it needs a handle on the door. it should have a different garden and be bigger. i want it to be colourful. i like orange and red they are both my favourite colours. it should be different colours. it should have a slide and a sledge.
  • A child's design of the nursery: this is a new nursery. this window is all different colours. The door is golden. lots of grass. a raindrop door. a window who looks like a lemon. a big tree.
  • A child's design of the nursery, deigned a nursery with lots of fancy windows and doors and a big outdoor space with loads of grass. I like all these pictures, they're so beautiful. It's not going to be my nursery but it will be little sister's, I'll be at school. It should be a rainbow nursery.
  • A child's design of the nursery: this is a mouse house, me in the nursery, a mouse in the garden, cheese
  • a child's design of the nursery, design with herself and an apple tree!
  • thi is the garden with big tall trees and a flower. and this is the door so we can get in to the new nursery. this is a mouse house one. there is a mouse and his cheese is there. He can't come inside the nursery - he's in the garden. that's me. this is a nursery with a chimney.
  • a child's design of a nursery. This is a nursery house.
  • A child's design of the nursery, it should be big

The wonderful new nursery opened in August 2017.

The nursery is bright with natural light from large windows. The rooms are decorated in natural wooden colours for the flooring, tables, chairs and storage units. The decoration takes inspiration from nature, with natural additions to the room such as plants and decorative branches.

There is an adult seating area that looks like a living room for a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. There is an emphasis on making the whole nursery look and feel homely so that the children are relaxed and happy.

The design of the nursery spaces is centred around the children. This shows in features such as the floor to ceiling glazing so the children can see outside and the display boards and storage that are low down and easily accessed by the children.

  • A view of the learning space at Davidson's Mains Primary School Nursery
  • The exterior of Davidson's Mains Primary School Nursery building after completion
  • The adult area at Davidson's Mains Primary School Nursery
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