Ferryhill Primary School Nursery

The wonderful new nursery was opened in August 2017.

The nursery is bright with natural light from large windows. The rooms are decorated in natural wooden colours for the flooring, tables, chairs and storage units. The decoration takes inspiration from nature such as decorative branches, fish on the wall in the bathroom and a frog on a lily pad in the classroom.

Furnishings like arm chairs, sofas, cushions and rugs make the nursery look and feel homely so that the children are relaxed and happy.

The design of the nursery spaces is centred around the children. This shows in features such as the floor to ceiling glazing so the children can see outside and the display boards and storage that are low down and easily accessed by the children.

  • The comfy corner with armchair, nook and cuddle sofa
  • The dining area with a kitchen hatch
  • natural wooden furniture, decorative branch on the wall, dividers break up the space
  • Bathroom with a nappy changing unit
  • tables and chairs and an art station
  • a fabric pinboard with a frog on a lily pad made from fabric

The staff say 

“It’s a fresh, open space – lots of windows and doors to allow in natural light.”

“It’s fantastic having access to the garden throughout the day.”

 “Soft, natural aesthetics and the original trees which have been left and used in the new design give a secluded feel.”

 “I really like the natural resources that helps creativity thrive.”

“I love the amount of storage space and the fact that the children can come into the large cupboard to choose resources which interest them.”

 “The garden space is a fantastic area for children to investigate and explore.”

 The children say 

“I like playing outside in the garden with my friends.”

“I like nursery”

“I like playing on the bikes and the roads in the garden”

“I like playing in the house corner with the babies”

 “I like cooking in the house corner and playing outside in the garden”

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