Holy Cross Primary School Nursery

Holy Cross Primary School had a wonderful refurbishment for their nursery classroom in 2016, which was a continuation of the ‘interior design formula’ created by the City of Edinburgh Council for the 2015 new build nurseries.

After the success of the Duddingston, Wardie and Fox Covert nurseries and the research that was undertaken, City of Edinburgh Council Interior Design team was given the brief of carrying out a ‘2016 Summer Refresh’ of six existing nursery classrooms within Edinburgh. Holy Cross Primary School Nursery was one of them.

Here are some photos before and after.


  • the classroom had a few tables and chairs, and bright, colourful decoration
  • A variety of bright primary colours make the classroom look overwhelming
  • A comfy corner next to the smart board, the ceiling has black paper on it, the room looks dark
  • a brighter room with a mixture of different styles of furniture makes the room look messy


The nursery seemed a little dark with competing bold colours that appear overstimulating. The new nursery toned this down with a neutral palette and the room appears brighter for it. The rooms are decorated in natural wooden colours for the flooring, tables, chairs and storage units. There is a nod to bringing nature into the room from the addition of the tree on the wall.

The design of the nursery spaces is centred around the children. This shows in features such as the display boards and storage that are low down and easily accessed by the children.

  • the teaching area is in the corner, textured pinboards and a wooden tree with fairy lights decorates the wall.
  • blackboard paint in the shape of a house decorates the wall, there are water and sand play units, an art area and
  • the classroom is bright and neutral with wooden furnishings
The City of Edinburgh Council logo

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