Holy Cross RC Primary School

This classroom at Holy Cross Primary School was made into a general purpose space to allow all learners to have access to a new style of classroom. The school had seen the changes being made at other schools with the experimental classrooms and wanted the new style of space to benefit all learners. Mid-height furniture was used to allow all age groups to use it.



The interior design team used a muted colour background palette with highlights of the school colours to provide a balance between the over and under stimulation.

Autex pin boarding has been used to cover the walls. Acoustic vinyl flooring in a natural oak finish, grass rugs and pebble carpeted sections provide a calming feel inspired by nature.

Furniture was varied and agile, offering choice to the students to find a space they felt comfortable in to work individually or in groups. The layout of the room allows the teacher to use an active learning style where they can be free to move around the classroom.

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