Leith Primary School Nursery

The City of Edinburgh Council logo

The new nursery and gym hall at Leith Primary School were shortlisted for the Education Buildings Scotland Award 2018 in the Early Learning and Childcare category.

The nursery is decorated in natural wooden colours for the flooring, tables, chairs and storage units. The decoration takes inspiration from nature, such as the tree shaped shelving, plants and real tree branches wrapped in fairy lights.

There is an adult area that looks like a living room, the whole nursery has an emphasis on making looking and feel homely so that the children and adults are relaxed and happy.

The design of the nursery spaces is centred around the children. This show in features such as the floor to ceiling glazing so the children can see outside and the display boards and storage that are low down and easily accessed by the children.

There are some lovely features such as a giant wooden ruler on the wall for children to measure their height and house shaped writable surfaces on the walls. There is a home corner with a play kitchen and table with chairs that can be accessed through a small archway. Also available for the children are sand and water play stations and a construction area with a workbench.

There are a number of wicker teepees for children to sit in on the own and a house shaped nook for two children to sit in together.



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