Longstone Primary School Nursery

Longstone Primary School nursery class was completed in August 2017, below are some photographs of the interior and building.

  • A home corner with wicker seating, wooden tables and chairs and wooden play kitchen equipment at Longstone Primary School Nursery
  • A cosy corner at Longstone Primary School Nursery
  • A real tree branch covered with fairy lights decorating a corner at Longstone Primary School Nursery
  • Water play benches, giant ruler and wicker numbers at Longstone Primary School Nursery

This is what the staff have to say:

The new Longstone Nursery building first opened it’s doors to our excited and expectant families and staff in August 2017. 

It is a fabulous facility which has thoroughly enhanced and improved the experiences of our children, their families and staff alike. Working together staff and families nurture, and help children from age 2-4 years grow and thrive through high quality play experiences and relationships.  

The internal nursery design is natural and open with a wide range of resources and activities designed to offer children opportunities to make sense of their experiences and develop their understanding of the world. 

Heuristic play is encourage through the provision of real life objects in treasure boxes and baskets, block play and construction is available and  encourages development of mathematical thinking and problem solving skills. Mathematical learning experiences exist across the nursery and children are supported to think and develop their understanding of early number through a range of experiences.

Sensory experiences are similarly pervasive throughout the nursery and come into sand and water play, indoors and out, baking, cooking, and growing plants among the many sensory experiences offered to children including the textured cladding of the building itself. Art and crafts areas offer opportunities for children to develop their creativity, early writing and fine motor skills alongside small world, house corner and cosy reading corners to encourage imaginative play and enjoyment of stories. The space offers free flow between all the rooms indoors, with children of all age groups mixing freely throughout the day. 

 Free flow between the indoor and outdoor environment is available in all but the most inclement weather so children can make choices and decisions, develop independence and lead their own learning. Similar experiences to those available inside the building can be accessed in the outdoors. 

In both environments, opportunities to take and manage risk, be active and healthy are available and enhanced through our Forest Schools programme which we are very privileged to be able to have on our school grounds Millenium Forest.  

 Children share the internal and external spaces and are encouraged to share  and participate effectively during play, in social situations, such as meal and snack time, all of which impacts positively on the development of  children’s social and communication skills. Families are made to feel very welcome at Longstone Nursery. They are regularly invited in to stay and play. Our bedtime stories and book bags offer families opportunities to continue supporting their child’s learning at home. There are many events and outings, programmes and activities across the nursery calendar year which everyone can get involved in.

 Staff are very proud to be playing such a vital role in the support of our families and their children through the high quality provision which they strive for and work hard to achieve.”

– Sonia Masson, Depute Headteacher
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