Murrayburn Primary School Nursery

A lovely refurbishment was done on the Murrayburn Primary School Nursery classroom in 2016, which was a continuation of the ‘interior design formula’ created by the City of Edinburgh Council for the 2015 new build nurseries.

After the success of the Duddingston, Wardie and Fox Covert nurseries and the research that was undertaken, City of Edinburgh Council Interior Design team was given the brief of carrying out a ‘2016 Summer Refresh’ of six existing nursery classrooms within Edinburgh. Murrayburn Primary School Nursery was one of them.


  • Children's work displayed on washing lines
  • the old classroom is quite dark, this is the kitchen
  • a construction corner with a play bus
  • an art area
  • a home corner decorated in bright primary colours

The previous classroom seemed dark and there were a variety of primary colours throughout the room. This colour scheme was replaced  by a neutral palette of natural colours and wooden furnishings.


The nursery has been redecorated using natural wooden furnishings. Using comfortable furniture like sofas, cushions and rugs there is an emphasis on making the room look and feel homely so that the children are relaxed and happy.

The design of the nursery spaces is centred around the children. This shows through in features such as the display, chalk boards and storage that are low down and easily accessed by the children.

Also available for the children are sand and water play stations and a construction area with a workbench.

  • A chalk board wall and cozy corner
  • Sand and water play area, wooden toy cars and track
  • The storage units and furniture are wood
  • the teaching area looks like a living room with a sofa and a rug
  • a fabric tipi provides some quiet space

The staff said:

The room was quite cluttered before with different types of furniture. So the new layout was much more spacious and made easy access of materials for the children. The colours they used made the room feel much lighter and calmer than before. The children especially loved the revamp of the house corner. The woodwork bench was a great addition; our old one had been thrown out to give the children more opportunity to use various tools and learn about technology.

The parents loved the new layout and commented on everything being of the same wood and how it looked lovely.

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