Playgrounds: What you can do to help

We love having our schools, parents and local communities getting involved in enhancing our school playgrounds. You can help out by making or supplying any items that are not play equipment.

Why not play equipment?

We must ensure the safety of all users of our playgrounds so any play equipment being installed into our playgrounds must meet RoSPA EN1176 Standards and have a RoSPA safety inspection carried out before use and subsequent follow up inspections to ensure ongoing safety.

Ideas for items you can help with

  • Allotment: Planters, raised beds, polytunnels, water butts
  • Sheds, storage etc.
  • Planting: plants, edibles, trees
  • Benches, seating, shelters etc.
  • Providing loose parts
  • sand, mud and water play

Check out or pages on Creating a Diverse Outdoor Space for more ideas.


When planning any new feature into your playground, you will need to consider it proximity to other spaces around it and the types of activity they lead to and how your new feature will impact on these spaces.

Some examples:

  • Avoid putting anything in fall zones from heights greater than 600mm.
  • Avoid putting fixed, hard features in or close to an area where children are expected to be running around and could risk an injury. Features like rocks for risky/climbing play should be kept more to a periphery where a calmer, more considered approach is taken to movement in this area.
  • Keep retreat spaces, growing areas and imaginative play features further away from high energy active play.

Please read through our vision for school grounds and pages on this website for more guidance on creating your space.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about your playground development get in touch at

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