Creating a diverse outdoor space

When planning your playground you need to consider the needs of the users to create an inclusive space that benefits everyone. We’ve created this diagram that shows the zones we think provide the variety of activities to meet these needs.

Playgrounds are often primarily focused on active play and sports but there are many different types of play and we’d like to create space for all of them in our playgrounds. The playground should also be seen as an extension of the “indoor classroom” and spaces can be developed to support many outdoor learning activities.

Our Kit of Parts for playgrounds

We’ve created a “kit of parts” to show you what we think are the high priority items to have in your playground to provide a diverse learning and play landscape.

How to create your activity zones

These are just some of the spaces and activities that we think can create a diverse and wonderful outdoor landscape. There are so many ideas online and we’d love to hear from you and share the great things you’re doing in our blog. You can check out some of the great online resources here.

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