Royal High Primary School Nursery

The Royal High Primary School had a wonderful nursery classroom refurbishment in 2016, which was a continuation of the ‘interior design formula’ created by the City of Edinburgh Council for the 2015 new build nurseries.

After the success of the Duddingston, Wardie and Fox Covert nurseries and the research that was undertaken, City of Edinburgh Council Interior Design team was given the brief of carrying out a ‘2016 Summer Refresh’ of six existing nursery classrooms within Edinburgh. Royal High Primary School Nursery was one of them.


  • Children playing with construction toys in the old classroom
  • the nursery classroom looks dark, it has dark carpet and curtains
  • A teaching table


The nursery has been redecorated using natural wooden furnishings. The decoration takes inspiration from nature using decorative branches on the walls and plants positioned around the room.

Furnishings like sofas, beanbags, cushions and rugs make the nursery look and feel homely so that the children are relaxed and happy.

The design of the nursery spaces is centred around the children. This shows in features such as display boards and storage that are low down and easily accessed by the children.

Available for the children are sand and water play stations and a construction area with a workbench. There is also a chalkboard painted area on the wall for the children to write and draw on.

  • The blue carpet has been kept but the room is brightened by the natural furnishings, a TV screen is in the construction area
  • A cozy corner, on the wall there is a blackboard in the shape of a house for children to use, a wooden play kitchen and a sofa
  • A reading corner with shelving cabinets that are low down for children to help themselves, beanbags and a sofa make it look like a living room
  • Construction, sand and water play units

The staff say 

“There are lots of windows and doors to allow in natural light.”

“It’s fantastic having free flow access to the garden at all times throughout the day.”

“I really like the natural resources that helps creativity thrive and allows play to be open ended.”

 “The garden space is a fantastic area for children to investigate and explore.”

“The room has a much softer and welcoming feel. It’s like a home from home.”

 The children say 

“The trains are my favourite.”

“There is lots to do.”

“I like to play with my friends and in the sand.”

“I like all the toys and the teachers.”

“I like the garden, and splashing in puddles.”

“I like nursery because I like to have strawberries at snack.”

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