Royal Mile Primary School

Language and communication class at Royal Mile Primary School

City of Edinburgh Council currently have six mainstream schools with language classes included in them. They cater for primary aged children who have additional language and communication needs, often with a diagnosis of autism.

  • a pupil's workstation with toys on it, in the background is a U shaped teaching table with six chairs, in front of a SMART board
  • a U shaped teaching table and two workstations
  • textured blue pinboard with a display of children's work, there are trees and animals

Language classes have inclusive learning environments with low sensory stimulation.

They have space for children to work independently or as part of a group.

They are organised to encourage independence.

Break out areas or access to other facilities can include sensory rooms or soft play and a safe place for children to support them to self regulate when needed.

The Additional Support for Learning service reviewed Language and Communication Class (LCC) environments as part of a multi-disciplinary consultation and came up with a list of essential and desirable elements for the classes. This process has enabled a degree of consistency for LCC environments across the schools and ensures they all have essential needs met.

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