Tynecastle Nursery

Tynecastle Nursery was completed in 2018.

  • the classroom with lots of natural decoration, wooden tables, chairs and storage units, plants are placed around the room, baskets, floor pads and a hideaway nook are made from wicker, there is a branch with fairy lights hanging on the wall
  • the sign for the toilet is gender neutral
  • an adult seating area is decorated like a lounge with a hexagonal wooden table, upholstered circular stools, a sofa, lamp and armchairs
  • wooden box shelving on the wall is shaped like a tree with a trunk at the bottom going down to the floor. a wooden bookshelf sits next to a cozy reading area with a wicker teepee and seat pads resting on a circular rug
  • a sign saying "children are like tiny flowers, they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in the community of peers"
  • a bookshelf full of books outside the classroom
  • in a classroom there a two traditional wooden rocking horses, three wooden tables, sand and water plat units, a wicker teepee and wicker baskets in storage shelving that is low enough for the children to reach
  • large windows line the classroom wall so the children can see out to the outdoor area, a hexagonal table and wobble stools are set up for an activity

The nursery room is decorated in natural wooden colours for the flooring, tables, chairs and storage units. The decoration takes inspiration from nature, for example a real tree trunk surrounded by shelves gives the impression of a tree. Lots of plants scattered around the room and the tree branches hanging from the walls is a nod to bringing nature into the nursery.

The design of the nursery spaces is centred around the children. This shows in features such as the floor to ceiling glazing so the children can see outside and the display boards and storage that are low down and easily accessed by the children.

There is an adult area that looks like a living room, the whole nursery has an emphasis on making looking and feel homely so that the children and adults are relaxed and happy.

There are some lovely features such as two traditional wooden rocking horses, the wooden plaque with a quote and the little pine cones and acorns placed in the shelving unit.


The outdoor space is very important for our learners and the covered area is a wonderful way to be able to do activities outdoors when it’s wet or dry.  At Tynecastle nursery the space beneath the canopy has been designed like an outdoor classroom housing the sand and water play units and a workbench.

In the outdoor play area there is a variety of different surfaces and textures such as artificial grass, tarmac and a wavy blue soft surface that looks like water surrounding a large sandpit.

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